GOD wants to talk with you...

 ... More than you want to speak to HIM!

Did you know that ...

…GOD means what HE says and says exactly what HE means, so clearly that anyone can understand?

…HE is constantly broadcasting, but we often don’t know how to pick up the signals?

…If we fail to hear HIM clearly, the echoes and voices of life will lead us into ditches?

…Clarifying Your Divine Purpose & Realigning with HIS destiny isn’t possible without clear communication lines with heaven?

…You can’t walk fully connected to HIS love and enjoy the peace and joy of HIS presence if you can’t hear HIM!?


Hi, My name is Rapha-EL

In our organizations,

I teach Christian Leaders and aspiring ones how to SAFELY translate Victorious Christian Principles within any HARSH ANTI-KINGDOM Environment!

We are committed to you and will give you resources and point out strategies to achieve your goals.

That’s why I am giving you my FREE E-book

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The FATHER's Voice – Keys to Communicating with GOD; 

A Guide to Hearing HIS Voice!

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Keys to Communicating with GOD;  

A Guide to Hearing HIS Voice!

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The First Step To Winning is Clarity in Hearing GOD's Voice and Knowing His Deep Friendship

This Free Ebook will help you achieve that Clarity so you can start to

  • RECREATE your Divine DESTINY,
  • REALIGN to your Divine PURPOSE 
  • RECOVER from setbacks &
  • Stage Your PERMANENT Comeback

... no Matter How Broken Life Has Left You or those you are tring to help

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